Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yes, I am another Unitarian Universalist with a blog!

We Unitarian Universalists are chock full of opinions! There are so many UU blogs already. But, yes, I simply must join the fray. Sometimes I talk about doing something for a very long time before I finally Just Do It. This time, I decided to take action after only thinking about this for five months. Hooray!


Elizabeth said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Was there ever an Onion article to accompany the picture of your church, or was it just a cover page that didn't actually have an article?

Elizabeth J. Barrett said...

Thank you!
Alas, the Onion's Weekender magazine always consists of only a cover photo with caption. But, I did spend some time searching through the Onion's online archive before I was satisfied that there truly was no article.