Tuesday, April 1, 2008

UU Television on the Internet

Peter Bowden, a life-long UU, has launched UU Planet TV, a website devoted to good Unitarian Universalist videos. My favorite video so far is "Universalism for such a time as this" by Rev. Dan Harper. The video is very simple -- just a history of Universalism and how it continues to enrich our faith, especially now that Hell has made a "comeback." The best part is when Harper states that someone who believes in a God who sends people to Hell may lean toward vengence as a world-view (rather than compassion). If you want to know more, watch the video!

My imagination is running wild now, thinking of all the UU videos I'd like to make. I could film us doing a flag corps routine in the Madison Pride Parade! A few years ago, I helped my congregation form a small flag corps as part of our participation in the annual parade. I'll always be indebted to Stacy Harbaugh, who taught us the routine and was willing to carry the orange flag. I'll have to make a new Blue flag because ours disappeared...my head is full of fake UU commercials, the acting group at my congregation, my UU stand-up routine...a UU variety show....I'd better start saving for a camera!

If you would like to hear more from Dan Harper, go to his blog: Yet Another Unitarian Universalist. Notice how all the great blog names are taken? I wanted to name mine Elizabeth's UU Blog, but it was too close to Elizabeth's Little Blog! But, I am often exuberant, so this name fits.



Peter said...

Glad you like the site. You can share your commercial ideas in the uuplanet.tv forum. I've made a forum topic just for UU commercial ideas ;-)

Forum - UU commercial ideas

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hi to the other UU blogger named Elizabeth out there :)