Wednesday, August 25, 2010

UU Variety Show Now on the Web!

Upper Midwestern Modest: A Pretty Good Revue is finally on the UUA's GA website!

We waited two whole months for this to appear, so General Assembly is a distant memory for some. About 200 people saw this late-night performance that features folks from First Unitarian Society of Madison, WI. We had a lot of fun putting the show together.

Since our performance, Abby and Lauri got married and went on a honeymoon, Amber Nicole stole the show as the mother in the musical Harold and the Purple Crayon, Joe Harris and Melissa Simonson headlined a concert, and we finally had our UMM cast party last Saturday!

I hope you enjoy our pretty-good revue.

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Justine Urbikas said...

thanks for posting this, I'm sorry I missed it, but its good to still be able to see it.