Friday, March 14, 2008

Live from the Large Congregation Conference!

What a great day in Louisville! There are fifteen of us here at the Large Congregation Conference from FUS of Madison, plus folks from 48 other large UU congregations (over 300 people in all).

Our outstanding speaker, Susan Beaumont of the Alban Institute, gave the theme program: Using Power and Authority Effectively, Ethically and Spiritually. I had a delicious dinner of crab nachos and a margarita at Joe's Crab Shack, then did the Macarena with the wait staff (except I didn't stand on a chair). After that, my congregation's delegation met together to discuss what we learned today and to make sure we've got tomorrow's workshops covered.

Of course, now I am very tired and must go to bed....

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Joe Barrett said...

Having humor as a strong base for our human experience on planet Earth. What an asset. A treasured asset, its utility is most realized when its outside the secure vault. To your continued expression.