Monday, March 10, 2008

The Reverend James Reeb

It's the anniversary of the March 10, 1965 murder of the Reverend James Reeb in Selma, Alabama. Unitarian Universalists in Madison know Reeb's story because one of our UU congregations is named after him. James Reeb opened in 1993. I was a charter member of JRUUC, but left in favor of the "huuge" society.

As of last week, I'm delighted to be the new office manager at James Reeb! I'm so happy to be working for a faith community -- I'd been saying for years that the next time I earned a paycheck, I wanted it to be in service to Unitarian Universalism. Hooray! To work part-time at one congregation, but still have a spiritual home in a different congregation feels wonderful.

Here's to answering a call,

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I do the same thing, except that I am always working Sunday morning, so can't attend the congregation where I'm a member. So, I'm a member, but almost never there. It sucks!