Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So Many Worship Services, So Little Time!

Now that experienced minister Rev. Crestwell is at the UU Church of Annapolis, that congregation is second on my list to visit, right after the 11:30 am service in Tulsa, described in "The Gospel of Inclusion." When my spouse read the UU World article aloud to me, we both were excited. "Let's visit Tulsa!" I exclaimed. Sam suggested we go for Christmas. We cannot do that because family is coming here to visit us, but I've got to find the time to go and bask in the joy and praise of Universalism.

An article at the UUA’s website states “Diversity of Ministry Initiative Settles Two New Ministers.” The Rev. John Crestwell is one of the “new ministers” referred to here. As many of us know, Rev. Crestwell was at Davies Memorial UU Church for a number of years. In fact, he is a featured speaker on a DVD called “Listening to Experience” that came out in last April. This DVD features twelve ministers whose congregations have done very well, including Peter Morales, Laurel Hallman and Rob Hardies.

Hearing podcasts of ministers' sermons doesn't do it for me; I don't get a whole lot out of it. No, I want the Entire worship experience, from anticipating being there, finding a parking spot and being greeted at the door all the way through to leaving the grounds. The whole enchilada is the worship service to me. Between working at one church and being a member of another, I already have to juggle and find myself going to 9 am at one & 11 am at the other. This makes it difficult to leave town! Argh. Maybe I will settle for podcasts and reading sermons.


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