Monday, June 7, 2010

"Upper Midwestern Modest: A Pretty-good Revue"

at General Assembly June 25th in Minneapolis

I'm having a great time preparing to be one of the choices for late evening entertainment at GA in Minneapolis, Friday June 25th at 9:30 pm in room 208 A-D of the Convention Center. Not just me, of course; we've got a cast of seventeen or so -- 25 for one choral piece. The cast includes our music director Dan Broner, lots of singers and actors, two guitarists, a pianist and an accordion player. I've gathered quite a mix of ages, from teenagers to much older (ahem).

Upper Midwestern Modest is a variety show in the style of a long-running Minnesota radio show, with lots of music, a few skits and a commerical or two -- commercials for products every UU needs. I hope lots of people come because the show is going to be great! Well, pretty good.

I thought of doing a show like this a number of years ago because I wanted more of an outlet for celebratory UU humor and to showcase some of the musicians at my huuge congregation. Knowing that in 2010 we'd be in Minneapolis (a mere five hours from Madison), I focused my energy on getting a spot on the schedule. I applied way back in mid-November. My friend, actor & singer Vicky Jones, helped with the title and the description.

So, if you'll be at GA and somewhat awake late Friday evening, come to room 208!
Elizabeth (emcee)

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