Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Secret to Being Incredible

How do we become incredible? It's easy. All we need to do is lower our standards! Think about it: any day we wake up alive is automatically an incredible day. If you not only woke up, but got dressed, had something to eat and looked outside (or went outside), that is quite incredible. I first learned this from Steve Wilson.

The main reason I love celebratory worship services is that when I attend a service and look around at all the others who are also attending, I'm often ready to celebrate the fact that we made it to church! We surmounted all the obstacles: transportation, parking, weather conditions, work obligations, family needs and obligations, sleep deprivation, disabilities, illness, injury and more.

Did I mention flannel sheets that grab hold of us and won't let go, pets that pin us to our beds, and power outages?



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Shannon said...

I couldn't agree more- Ia m always encouraging people to lower their standards!