Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We Finally Get to Vote!

Today is our primary here in Wisconsin. I heard Senator Obama speak in Madison last week and voted for him this morning. My theory for why lots of Unitarian Universalists are ga-ga for Obama is that he talks like an excellent UU preacher! The Senator is UCC -- United Church of Christ -- our closest Protestant cousin. The words he uses, his cadence and use of repetition, his calling for justice, equality and hope, remind us of our best ministers and that bond of trust we form with them.

But I could be wrong....

Wisconsinites: Bundle Up & Vote!


Kim Hampton said...

This is interesting to me because to me Obama sounds totally like a black preacher (which I think is great), which seems to be the antithesis of UU preaching.

Elizabeth J. Barrett said...

Kim, you are very insightful! When I was writing my post, I was thinking about the Rev. Dr. James Forbes, Jr.

Rev. Forbes spoke at our 2001 GA in Cleveland and then again here in Madtown last spring. The last parish he served (Riverside Church) is American Baptist & UCC.

I also thought of UU ministers Josh Pawelek, Johnalu Johnstone and Darrel Richey, but Rev. Forbes is my vision of the best preacher in the world. A "black preacher" and not UU, Forbes does not represent the "antithesis of UU preaching" for me. He's an inspiration.

Thanks so much for commenting!